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We're Unified Building Sciences. And as one of the leading Construction and Property Consultants in the country, we see the whole picture - and then give you the whole story. Our unique combination of building expertise and technical knowledge gives us what we need to address construction and building-related problems efficiently, effectively and reliably. And our belief that there's more than forensics to every situation gives you answers you can actually use. That's probably why everyone from private companies to manufacturers, insurance companies to attorneys, individuals and more rely on us when disaster strikes. From auditing to appraising to hurricane damage assessment, expertise is everything.


Property owner? Benefits include:

  • Receiving the entire story, from who's responsible to what happened to what it's going to take to fix it
  • Unbiased, honest evaluation - we're an independent company and provide unbiased results
  • Non-destructive technologies for the least disruption
  • Fast, efficient response

Attorney? Benefits include:

  • Causation
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Scope and scalability
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Fast, efficient response

Insurance company? Benefits include:

  • Providing loss causation using effective and reliable testing
  • Assistance in providing time and/or cost efficient approaches to reconstruction
  • True efficiency and effectiveness
  • Fast, efficient response

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